Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stop The Bite

2013 Pioneer Trek Theme Song

Long ago they walked this path with hope in their hearts. 
 Not knowing what lay ahead, but no afraid to start.
 Every step they took in faith with Zion in their view, 
 They’d do anything that the Lord would have them do.

 Chorus 1

 They were pioneers pushing on together. 
 Shining as a light for all the world. 
 With strength they faced their fears 
 With faith they climbed each mountain, 
 And their footprints would show other’s the way. 
 As they lived a legacy of faith.

 Hungry and cold. Not much to eat. 
 He feels he can’t go on, every step burns his feet. 
 Something pushes hi forward, his cart moving on its own. 
 He looks back, no one's there, but he knows he’s not alone. 

 Chorus 1 

 We’re pioneers. In modern day. 
 Every step and choice we make leave footprints long the way. 
 Now’s the time to share the truth, and live the gospel plan. 
 Valiant and courageous, holy places we will stand.

 Chorus 2

 We are pioneers pushing on together. 
 Shining as a light for all the world. 
 With strength we’ll face our fears
 With faith we’ll climb each mountain. 
 And our footprints will show others the way, 
 As we live a legacy of faith. 

 We may not have to face the trials our ancestors went through,
 But just like them, we’ll do what the Lord would have us do. 

 Chorus 2

You Know You are Ready For Trek When...

   I’m Ready for Trek When I Have . . .

 turned in my health/registration form to one of the Stake
YW presidency.

 a 5-gallon bucket with a cushion seat that my personal
items will be packed in. (You can contact the Stake YW
presidency for patterns and details)

 the name of a pioneer I’m walking for and know their
their story. (Contact Brother and Sister Hawkins for help)

my pioneer clothing. (See pages 8-10 in the Trek Handbook)
Women – 2 mid-calf skirts, 2 blouses, leggings or capris or knee length
    shorts, bonnet/sunhat, apron with pockets
Men –     2 long (docker-like) pants (no jeans), 2 long sleeve shirts, wide
    brim hat (no sombreros or baseball caps. Vests, ties and 
    suspenders are optional)

the items on the equipment list. (See page 8 in the Trek Handbook)
sleeping bag, light weight air mattress or foam pad, pillow, warm 
coat/sweatshirt, rain poncho with a hood, 5 pair of socks, pajamas, 4 sets
of underwear, hygiene items – comb or brush, toothbrush and toothpaste,
deodorant, soap, wet wipes, lip balm with sunscreen, insect repellent 
(40% DEET), sunscreen, mole skin or bandaids, personal medicines,
flashlight, durable water bottle, pencil or pen, 2 pair of gloves – light 
pair and heavy or leather, mess kit OR a pie tin and tin cup with a knife,
fork and spoon, 2 - 3ml garbage bags, scriptures in a zip lock bag, hand
warmers, small whistle, 1 old bath towel and washcloth. Women – 
feminine hygiene products. (Optional – personal journal and sunglasses)
labeled all of my items for trek with my name.

worked on the “Extra Miler”. (See page 4 in the Trek Handbook

liked the facebook page (Spanish Fork South Stake Martin’s Cove Trek 2013)
and searched the blog ( for information and

broken in the shoes I’m going to wear on trek.

learned the trek theme song.

met the Ma and Pa that I’m a trek family with.

read the Trek Handbook.

prayed about having the Spirit with me to have a spiritual experience.

done some walking or exercise for fitness.